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Discover the Magic of Dance Studio Adult Ballet Classes Taught by Professional Dancers.

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Refine your ballet technique and artistry in the studio with nurturing, expressive and inspiring adult ballet classes.

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About Our Studio

Embark on a enchanting ballet journey through our studio classical ballet classes in North Melbourne, tailor-made for adults of all skill levels who share a passion for dance.

Immerse yourself in our adult ballet sessions, where creativity, expression, and insight come together seamlessly. Guided by patient and supportive instructors, you’ll unlock your full potential as an adult dancer.

Enhance your ballet proficiency, perfect your coordination, lengthen your posture, strengthen your core and flexibility. Uncover the art of executing graceful positions with elegance and poise in a supportive and enriching environment.


Our adult ballet classes are creative, expressive, and insightful. With the support and expertise of patient and nurturing teachers, you will discover your true potential as an adult dancer!
Refine your ballet technique, improve your coordination, elongate your posture, strengthen your core and flexibility, and discover how to make beautiful positions gracefully, with elegance and poise.

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