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Intermediate/Advanced Online Classes

Jane Casson City Adult Ballet Teacher and Founder

If you are keen to master technical skills, improve your posture, strengthen your flexibility and develop your dance performance ability, join us in an engaging online ballet class and receive real-time corrections and insightful tips from patient, passionate dance teachers, who have performed professionally all over the world.

Our intermediate and advanced online ballet classes are fun, creative, and will have you moving with joy from home. 

These classes are perfect for adult dancers who have had two or more years of recent ballet training and have a good understanding of the terminology used in a classical ballet class.

Online classes are run via Zoom and taught by City Adult Ballet principal, Jane Casson, an award-winning dancer, formerly with The Australian Ballet and Royal New Zealand Ballet as well as other professional guest teachers.

Cost: $15 per 1-hour class.



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Following your booking, you will receive an email with a link to access your live online class. Our online classes are taught using the Zoom application.
You can download Zoom for free.

Before your class have a chair, table, or something sturdy (go on, get creative!) to hold on to for your barre work.
If your barre is portable, please have this set up on the left side of your body as you will start at the barre using the right side of your body.

Ideally, have your camera set up so that it is facing you and your entire body can be seen. This will allow your teacher to support you throughout your class and will offer corrections and helpful cues to help connect your mind and body together. They will also cheer you on with encouragement when you have done a great job!

Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing in your class and have your hair lifted up and off your face, so you can plié, chassé, and pirouette like a pro.
For footwear, ballet flats or cotton socks (with no rubber soles) can be worn.

For center work, (dancing without a barre) you will require a small amount of clear space. Enough to move a few paces forward, back and either side of you.
In each class, you will learn new exercises that have been specially tailored for smaller spaces.
Remember be careful of slippery surfaces.

Other than a water bottle at the ready and a sturdy barre, you are good to go!


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  • Organizer Name: City Adult Ballet
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  • Type: Intermediate/Advanced Online Adult Ballet Class
  • Time: MONDAYS 1:30pm - 2:30pm (AEST) THURSDAYS 1:30pm - 2:30pm (AEST)
  • Venue:ONLINE via ZOOM
  • Duration:60 Minutes
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