Jane Casson City Adult Ballet principal and founder

Jane Casson

Principal Teacher, Founder

Embark on an enchanting journey into the world of adult ballet with Jane Casson, the esteemed principal teacher at City Adult Ballet in vibrant Melbourne, Australia.

Fueled by an unwavering passion for teaching adult dancers, Jane recognises and celebrates the unique dance journey of each individual. Her adult ballet classes are a celebration of the art of performance, guiding students to craft elegant positions, synchronise movement with music, and instill the significance of precise technique and robust foundations. Above all, Jane encourages her dancers to revel in the sheer joy of movement and to relish the experience of dance.

Drawing upon her extensive professional background, which includes prestigious roles as an award-winning soloist with The Australian Ballet and The Royal New Zealand Ballet, Jane brings a wealth of experience to her teaching. Her illustrious career has graced stages across the globe, from the UK, Wales, China, Japan, to France. A memorable highlight was her performance in front of Her Majesty the Queen during the opening of the Commonwealth Games in 2006.

Jane’s impressive teaching portfolio extends to renowned institutions such as The Australian Ballet, The Australian Ballet School, Bangarra Dance Theatre, Ballet Theatre of Australia, Victorian College of The Arts, Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, and even The Wiggles.

Proudly founded in 2015, City Adult Ballet mirrors Jane’s commitment to nurturing an inclusive and supportive dance community. Together with her talented team of teachers, she fosters an environment where adult ballet dancers can truly thrive.

Jane’s accolades include nominations for the Telstra Dancer of the Year Award in 2004 and 2007, as well as the prestigious Green Room Award for Best Female Dancer in 2007, recognising her exceptional contributions to The Australian Ballet. She also received the Lissa Black scholarship from The Australian Ballet, enabling her to study with esteemed institutions such as The Paris Opera Ballet, Ballet de Nice, Ballet de Monte Carlo, and the Hamburg Ballet.

In 2019, Jane graced the stage once again, captivating audiences as part of the successful children’s entertainment group, The Wiggles, touring nationally across Australia and featuring in their ABC for Kids television series, Wiggles World.

Jane’s commitment to sharing performance and technical dance tips gleaned from her illustrious career shines through in her classes. She takes pride in witnessing the dedication and growth of each adult dancer from class to class.

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