Jane Casson City Adult Ballet principal and founder

Jane Casson

Principal Teacher, Founder

Jane Casson is the principal teacher at City Adult Ballet, in Melbourne, Australia.

Jane is proud of the inclusiveness and supportive dance community she, her talented team of guest teachers, and her adult dancers have nurtured together since she founded City Adult Ballet in 2015.

Formerly a soloist dancer with The Australian Ballet and The Royal New Zealand Ballet, Jane’s professional career has seen her perform extensively around the world including UK, Wales, China, Japan, and France.

Jane was nominated for the Telstra Dancer of the Year Award in 2004 and 2007 and was awarded the prestigious Green Room Award for Best Female Dancer for her Years Work with The Australian Ballet in 2007.
She was awarded the Lissa Black scholarship, from The Australian Ballet, enabling her to travel and study with The Paris Opera Ballet, Ballet de Nice, Ballet de Monte Carlo, and the Hamburg Ballet.

She often draws on the technical and performance tips she has learned throughout her career with her beginner, intermediate, and advanced adult dancers.

In December 2019 Jane returned to the stage to perform with the successful children’s entertainment group, The Wiggles, touring nationally around Australia with them and was a dancer for their ABC for Kids television series, Wiggles World.

Jane has always had a great passion for teaching adult dancers understanding that everyone’s dance journey is different. Her adult ballet classes emphasise the significance of artistry and musicality, the importance of clean and precise technique, and most importantly, expressing the joy of movement.
Her greatest delight, other than being with her own young family, is seeing the dedication and growth in each of her adult dancers from class to class.

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