Dante Zanini-Sassani

Dante Zanini-Sassani

Guest Teacher

Dante’s journey in dance began at the tender age of seven, and he has since honed his skills across various dance styles, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to the art of ballet.

Dante’s foundational ballet training was rooted in the esteemed Cecchetti syllabus at Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance. His dedication to excellence led him to the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, where he excelled in external Cecchetti classes, achieving an impressive 96.5% on his Advanced 1 exam. This accomplishment underscores his technical proficiency and deep understanding of ballet’s intricacies.

Beyond ballet, Dante pursued a diverse array of performing arts disciplines, including singing and acting, enhancing his versatility as a performer. In 2018, he was selected for Melbourne City Ballet’s part-time classical training program. Here, Dante refined his technique and artistry through rigorous ballet, contemporary, and self-devised choreographic training, further solidifying his reputation as a well-rounded dancer.

Dante’s return to Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance saw him awarded a scholarship to their Full-Time Course, a testament to his exceptional talent and potential. During this period, Dante expanded his professional portfolio, participating in numerous high-profile gigs and productions. His credits include the Futuration Cabaret, various professional-level theatre and dance productions, the Victorian Training Awards opening ceremony, and music videos. Most recently, Dante showcased his choreographic prowess in an amateur dance film, highlighting his creative vision and innovative approach to dance.


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