Arna Elmes

Guest Teacher

About Arna

Arna Thompson, a Brisbane native, began her dance journey at a young age, immersing herself in ballet, tap, character, and contemporary dance. Her early passion for dance blossomed into a lifelong dedication, leading her to pursue full-time studies at the prestigious Queensland University of Technology. Here, she broadened her repertoire to include jazz, musical theatre, folk dancing, and choreography, showcasing her versatility and commitment to the art.

Professional Experience

Arna’s extensive experience in the dance world includes working with professional contemporary companies, where she honed her skills and artistic expression. Her talent for choreography has been recognized in several professional theatre and musical theatre productions, solidifying her reputation as a creative and innovative choreographer.

Teaching and Certifications

A certified instructor of the Progressing Ballet Technique method, Arna is dedicated to the development and improvement of her students’ ballet skills. She holds a Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction, which complements her dance teaching, allowing her to provide a holistic approach to training that emphasizes both strength and flexibility.

A Personal Touch

Arna is not only a devoted teacher and choreographer but also a proud mother. Her son, Adam, is following in her dance footsteps and is currently a dancer with The Australian Ballet, adding a special personal connection to her professional life.

Why Choose Arna

With a rich background in various dance styles, extensive professional experience, and a dedication to teaching, Arna Thompson brings a unique blend of expertise, creativity, and personal warmth to her classes. She is passionate about inspiring adult ballet students and helping them achieve their highest potential in dance.


Arna received her certification to teach the Progressing Ballet Technique method and has also attained her Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction.

Something you may not know about Arna:
She is a mother of four beautiful children and her youngest son Adam, is currently a dancer with The Australian Ballet.

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