Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright

Guest Teacher

Melbourne-born Andrew Wright began his illustrious dance journey at Christine Waters School of Dance in 1990. His early passion and talent for ballet led him to the Victorian College of the Arts, where he completed his VCE and secondary dance training, laying a strong foundation for his future in the dance world.

In 2001, Andrew’s exceptional abilities earned him a coveted spot at The Australian Ballet School. During his tenure, he broadened his expertise through exchange programs with Canada’s National Ballet School and the School of American Ballet. His dedication and skill culminated in him graduating as dux of his class.

Andrew’s professional career commenced in 2004 when he joined The Australian Ballet. His time with the company was marked by significant achievements and opportunities. In 2007, Andrew was awarded a scholarship that enabled him to further his studies in Europe. His talent also shone internationally when he guested at the Oregon Ballet Theater’s gala in the USA in 2010. His rise within The Australian Ballet was swift; he was promoted to coryphée in 2008 and to soloist in 2012.

After a distinguished career, Andrew retired from The Australian Ballet in 2018. His commitment to dance education led him to attain a Vocational Graduate Diploma of Elite Dance Instruction from The Australian Ballet School.

Andrew Wright brings a wealth of experience, passion, and a deep understanding of ballet to our adult ballet school. His journey from a student in Melbourne to a soloist with The Australian Ballet, combined with his extensive training and international exposure, make him an invaluable asset to our teaching faculty. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, Andrew’s classes promise to enrich your ballet experience with his expertise, humor and dedication to the art form.

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